Lex (lex_of_green) wrote,


We're converting our Saturday roleplaying game from the Aberrant system to a modified version of the Hero system, so I guess I'll have to use six sided dice now.


The conversion process is... strange. Claudia paid almost as many character points for her sunglasses as for the ability to transport herself halfway across the cosmos.

After converting our characters, we ran a practice combat to test the system. This combat largely consisted of a man shooting cosmic rays out of his face in an attempt to keep us away from his delicious blueberry pie.

I love being a gamer.
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And we get to play in four days!

Man, going these next four days without superpowers is gonna be hard. If Brennan broke its foot, it could go back to playing capoeira in five seconds. Ya know, if Brennan played capoeira. Which it doesn't. Somebody should fix that.
It is pretty strange - like someone took a normal die and then shaved four sides off.
At least they're shiny!
But but but Shadowrun!
Outta curiosity, what prompted the changeover?
Leaf was frustrated with a few things, but incomplete grappling rules and a really long combat where we kept dealing ping damage were his breaking point. That, and Leaf kept saying he couldn't provide opponents that would challenge Ben/David/Me without just squishing Zim into a small stain on the floor.
This post makes me incredibly happy. It also makes me want game. Lots.

(Dammit, I've got a First Age Night Caste possessing his Second Age incarnation who's been waiting a year to torturequestion this... thing... about why it looks suspiciously like a perverted/inverted Night Caste. Worse, now we may have to keep waiting until at least late November since the military wants my friend/roommate/GM to fix jet engines in Kuwait.)

(Guess I should really transform one of my game ideas from detailed plot outline to runnable sessions... but for that I really ought to read some more of the Exalted and/or Changeling core books, and I think you understand that that is HARD.)