Lex (lex_of_green) wrote,

It's a little hard to type with all these frogs on the table. Not real frogs. Real frogs probably would've hopped away by now. Plastic frogs are worse at jumping, but better at occupying static units of space.

And, okay, it not just the frogs – there's also the tofu cake. I'm not sure why my roommate decided to make a cake out of tofu when she doesn't live with any vegans. Maybe she just saw all the tofu in the fridge and was struck with an IMPULSE like those guys who climbed Mount Everest “because it was there.” The tofu in the fridge Was There. But now it's not There anymore; it's in a cake on the counter and nobody eats it because it's made of tofu and also because the cats have probably stepped on it by now.

But anyway, frogs. I love April first. It is the second-best holiday of all time.
This year I was primed for disappointment because I got my allotment of awesome (see previous post) out of the way early and then I had to work all day and also I didn't have time to burn anything, which is what I usually do at the start of April.

So I wasn't expecting anything special when I stepped into the back room for lunch, but then I saw the plastic frog on the floor outside my locker.
I looked around.
There was another plastic frog perched on top of my computer.


It looked almost as though the frogs were leading somewhere. Like... like to my backpack.
I approached cautiously and unzipped my bag.

And it was FULL OF FROGS.


So I did the reasonable thing. When customers got up to use the bathroom, I snuck over to their jackets and filled the pockets with frogs. I sanitized a few frogs and put them on the clean dish pile. Dropped a frog with a load of tips in the safe.

And now the rest of the frogs are here, waiting.
I'll find jobs for all of them eventually.
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