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I thought it would be a safe question -- one appropriate for a restaurant where the waiters run around wearing vests and the tablecloths are made of actual fabric. After all, my parents love talking about their mini-garden on the deck. They grow peppers and basil in buckets of dirt and send me e-mails full of dirt-bucket pictures and pride. Sometimes I feel intimidated by Sam's family because they come from a much higher socio-economic class than my family, but parents are parents, right? So I asked Sam's mom a question my mom would like:
“I hear you have a garden now. How's that going?”

And I was right! Sam's mom and stepdad, Sharon and Aaron, got all excited. Sharon told me that she'd always liked the idea of gardening, but the ground was usually full of rocks and you can't grow vegetables in rock, so this year she'd decided to try lasagna gardening.

SHARON: With lasagna gardening, you can build an environment for your plants by layering materials over the ground instead of digging in it. You start with a layer of cardboard, and then you put manure on top of that, and then compost, and then pee --
LEX: Wait. I knew manure was a thing, but... you can buy gardening urine?
SHARON: We didn't buy it. We just saved our pee all winter and then dumped it on the garden after it thawed.
LEX: Oh. Um. Where did you store the --
SHARON: Old soy milk containers.
LEX: Huh.
AARON: Sometimes Sharon would use the pee to write me notes in the snow. “I <3 you, Aaron.”
LEX: That's... very sweet.

And it was. I like hearing about the different ways people express their love for one another. I also like not being a plant. Plants have to eat the worst lasagna ever.
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