Lex (lex_of_green) wrote,

There are a lot of tiny air bubbles just under the surface of my skin. They crackle when I poke them. It's kinda creepy, but it also makes me feel like I'd be good at protecting packages during air transit.

April 1st is a good time for doing things that sound like bad ideas or that make me uncomfortable. This wasn't my first flesh hook suspension, but I was much more nervous this time because of the circumstances.
See, my first suspension happened in a secluded field outside. I got to hang from a tree. I did cartwheels and found tiny toads and my girlfriend came with me and I met a friendly lady with pink hair and a gigantic dog made of enthusiasm and saliva. It was the perfect atmosphere for flying.

I knew this time would be different – I went to a middle-of-the-night suspension party in the city, packed with sweaty people and cigarettes and music that went GGRRRR AAAAAARRRRGHHH AAAAAAHHHHH GRRRRRR.
At least I got to hide behind Misha.
Misha has magnets implanted in his fingers and he braids his beard into tentacles and reads fantasy novels and I'm glad he's my friend.

He's the only friend who understands this aspect of my life.
I wish more comforting nerd people got really into stabbing. Then I could go to stab-gatherings where everyone drinks tea instead of smoking cigarettes and we could listen to floaty songs about mermaids drowning people instead of the AAAAAHHHHH AAAAAAAH GRRRRR music.

Ah well. At least the people in the Madison stab-community seem nice, even if I don't know how to interact with them. My regular piercer, Marcus, is the most kind and trustworthy satanist I've ever met. Here are some pictures of him hauling me off the ground:

It took a lot of shoving to get the first hook through. Marcus says I have abnormally tough skin.


Misha told me to look calm. “Okay,” I said, and then he took this picture. It's a good thing maintaining-a-calm-appearance contests aren't really a thing. I would be the best at losing.


Hooks! Yay!


Camera flashes are so weird. The room looked nothing like this – it was really dark, with different colored lights projected against the walls.


Aaaaand liftoff. This is where my feeling of awkwardness vanished and was replaced with fireflies.


Wheeee! I did a lot of swinging. This was a more chill moment.


It was difficult to lift my arms any higher than this.


Not sure what's going on here – I think I'm slowing down from a spin. Marcus spun me really fast a few times and I lost all sense of direction and felt like a giddy spaceship hurtling through the cosmos.




Again, I have no idea what's actually going on here, but I think it's funny that I'm hanging from strings and it looks like I'm operating an invisible marionette.


Misha braved a booby-trapped refrigerator to get this water for me. The fridge threw eggs at him and then there were smashed eggs on the floor but it wasn't my problem because I had a mouth full of water and a brain full of glitter and I was a spaceship.


Happy now.


Soon the scars will blend in with my acne. Terrible skin = great camouflage.

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I logged in for the first time in years just to say that this is awesome. I don't think I would ever do it myself, but you look like you enjoyed it so much that I pushed past my sense of OW and it became WOW instead. :)
Less-than-three. I'm sorry I fell asleep.
It's cool - I'd much rather play Aberrant with you than have you tag along to a thing where you don't really want to participate. Even if we're playing Aberrant after Aberrant ends. ;-)

None of your other friends understand this?

I miss you.
Nope. I miss you too! I've been crazy busy lately, but we should Dobra sometime.

Life has been crazy for me, too.
Aw! You look so peaceful. Also, if you ever want to hold some kind of stabbing party with tea and floaty mermaid music, I am definitely in.
Point of order: I don't braid my beard, I make charlie braid my beard because his manual dexterity is much more suited to the task.
Is he actually going to dye his hair green? Because then between his green and your tentacles you could summon Captain Hair Cthulhu.
Hey! I'm into stabbing!

I'm glad you had fun, despite all the nervousness. As always, it looks awesome!
Oh man. Justin! I'm sorry for forgetting you in this post. You absolutely count. Oh, and remember that one time I said you were my patronus? I meant it. I've totally summoned you to drive away soul-sucking demon things. You're pretty good at it.
Hmm... This relationship reminds me of a certain subplot from Battlestar Galactica. You have some sort of me around to fight demon things, and I am occasionally plagued by your spirit-form STEALING ALL MY STUFF AND ALTERING DOCUMENTS IN MY COMPUTER!

But I'm glad I could help. Enjoy your skin bubbles, and maybe think about that question I emailed & called you about. The one about a possible extra person coming to Madison in May.
I totally already answered you, but the answer is in the middle of a random document on your computer. You mean you haven't found it yet? Tsk tsk.

Anyway, another person would be welcome, especially if he wants to get in on the sweet roleplaying shenanigans.
Eeeee roleplaying!
Eeeeee finally seeing live action L!
EEEEEEEEE finally seeing live action YOU!

Oh man I wish you could come up here. Half of my gaming friends are all into stabby things and we go to parties with GRRRRRAAAARRRR music and convince them to play muted Thundercats cartoons instead of muted porn on the TVs and it is fantastic!

I'm not sure I'd actually be comfortable in a place that plays porn on large TVs. Mara sometimes looks at porn in the living room and that's okay, but it's because she has a small screen and so the default for being in the room and having your eyes open isn't OH HEY PORN YOU HAVE TO EITHER WATCH THIS OR SPEND ALL YOUR ENERGY NOT WATCHING THIS. So, uh, 80's cartoons would be better, but I don't want to be that random prude everyone has to tiptoe around even if I actually AM that random prude.

Does anyone else like certain kinds of pain without sexualizing it? Hum hum.

But that said, yes I would love to visit you. It's amazing that you've found a place where you fit so perfectly and I absolutely want to see it. And drink tea. ALL THE TEA.

Well, neither were we, so that's why we got them to play cartoons for our parties. It's much nicer now. And granted, the tv screens are like, 13 inch tiny ones up in the corners of the room, pretty easy to ignore.

I know some people who don't sexualize it, so you're not alone in that.
I generally cannot tell whether or not I am sexualizing pain-that-I-like. So maybe?

Deleted comment

Oh man, endorphins like crazy. :-)
He says his hair is too short to dye green right now but I think that's just because his method of dying it involves like, individually pulling strands in front of his face to look at and dye and he can't do that with the back hairs. I think he would do it if you could help him!
1, I'm glad for you that you got to do this again.

2, you know I fully support you in all your stabbing-endeavors, whether they involve tea or cigarettes or whatever. (I would also prefer the tea-version.)

2a, should we ever be in the same place at the same time, I would happily accompany you to such stabbing events. Even if we all know that there's no way I would ever voluntarily get stabbed.

3, Stabbity stab stab. Stab.
1) You're pretty awesome and I miss you.

2) Can we go dressed as zombies for no reason whatsoever?

3) Zoomity zoom zoom. Zoom.
3a) (That is the sound of imaginary roller skates)
I like your description of the fireflies!
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

I mean...


Fuckit, I can't even come up with something suitably kismesisy. This is amazing, and you look so fucking awesome.